The right-wing loonies bully me, and so does Facebook

I got suspended from the site for criticizing ‘armed pagans.’ Too bad they didn’t suspend all the people who wished for my murder. More Info … [Continue reading]

Israeli government abandoned religious councils, then paid NIS 110m to save them

The councils collapsed financially, but instead of getting to the root of the problem a piecemeal solution was initially undertaken, and the taxpayers continue to pay the price.More Info … [Continue reading]

Netanyahu’s aides slam Bennett for criticizing security situation

'You can't be in the cabinet and in the opposition at the same time,' Netanyahu's aides say, after Bennett calls for a new settlement to be built after every terror attack. More Info … [Continue reading]

Jewish teen moderately wounded in Jerusalem stabbing

The assailant was shot by police. More Info … [Continue reading]

When it comes to Israel’s latest security crisis, Netanyahu is on his own

After trading barbs from the UN podium, Netanyahu and Abbas have head back to their shared neighborhood to try and work something out. Or not.More Info … [Continue reading]

Violence targeting Arabs reported in Jerusalem in wake of terror attack

Hundreds of far-right activists assault passersby, chant 'death to Arabs.'More Info … [Continue reading]