Thousands pay respects to terror victim

Rabbi Nechamia Lavi, 41, was murdered when he rushed to scene of knife attack to help victims; president and Jerusalem mayor among those attending burial.More Info … [Continue reading]

Jerusalem streets empty after day of terror

Heavy security presence in the Old City and Western Wall area; few visitors aside from worshipers arriving for Simchat Torah prayers, who say they will not be deterred by violence.More Info … [Continue reading]

Hitting the books: 10 thought-provoking reads for the new year

From Western liberalism and prisons around the world to Doris Lessing and David Grossman, here's what ten contributors to Haaretz’s weekly Hebrew books supplement will be reading this coming year.More Info … [Continue reading]

Day after stabbing attacks, Palestinians barred from Jerusalem’s Old City for two days

Israeli forces arrest father and brother of Palestinian behind stabbing attack in East Jerusalem, as well as two Palestinian suspects in Thursday's West Bank shooting.More Info … [Continue reading]

Jordan threatens to recall ambassador

Jordanian government sources say they are considering steps to "stop Israeli attacks on al-Aqsa", as Muslims worshipers claim police are preventing buses from arriving at mosque.More Info … [Continue reading]

Lack of Israeli-Palestinian cooperation may drag West Bank into long wave of violence

Israelis and Palestinians are clearly standing on a slippery slope. Further incidents could release violent energies that both sides have generally managed to keep on a low flame.More Info … [Continue reading]