Lack of Israeli-Palestinian cooperation may drag West Bank into long wave of violence

Israelis and Palestinians are clearly standing on a slippery slope. Further incidents could release violent energies that both sides have generally managed to keep on a low flame.More Info … [Continue reading]

Abbas: Palestinian Authority to start implementing new policies toward Israel soon

Hundreds greet Palestinian president as he returns to Ramallah from New York, where he addressed UN General Assembly. More Info … [Continue reading]

Terror attack wounds teenager overnight

Attacker from Issawiya stabs 15-year-old, flees and is killed; entry to Old City restricted to residents, tourists, businessowners, students.More Info … [Continue reading]

The right-wing loonies bully me, and so does Facebook

I got suspended from the site for criticizing ‘armed pagans.’ Too bad they didn’t suspend all the people who wished for my murder. More Info … [Continue reading]

Israeli government abandoned religious councils, then paid NIS 110m to save them

The councils collapsed financially, but instead of getting to the root of the problem a piecemeal solution was initially undertaken, and the taxpayers continue to pay the price.More Info … [Continue reading]

Netanyahu’s aides slam Bennett for criticizing security situation

'You can't be in the cabinet and in the opposition at the same time,' Netanyahu's aides say, after Bennett calls for a new settlement to be built after every terror attack. More Info … [Continue reading]