Senior Fatah officials: Palestinian factions not behind recent attacks

Terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of several Israelis recently were the actions of youths responding to 'Israeli aggression,' officials tell Haaretz; Fatah ground commander: Palestinians not interested in escalation.More Info … [Continue reading]

Closure on the back deck.

תאריך: 04/10/15     מחבר: תבל דמרי וברית אלמוג “It’s the fulfillment of a dream for me to stand with my grandson on a ship the Israeli Navy when it’s part of the team. When I arrived in Cyprus arrested vessel and … [Continue reading]

An 85-year-old board game and the roots the Arab-Israeli conflict

'Only Jews' live in Tel Aviv, Modi'in must be 'liberated,' and in Hebron most of the resident are Muslim, but 'we'll build neighborhoods for Jews': A 1929 board game shows how children were enlisted for the Zionist cause.More Info … [Continue reading]

Woman in Tel Aviv nightclub ‘rape video’: I consented, but wasn’t sane

Video showing intoxicated woman having sex with numerous partners at Tel Aviv's Allenby 40 nightclub causes uproar, including calls on social media for club to be closed.More Info … [Continue reading]

Iranian parliamentary committee okays nuclear deal

Agreement still needs to be approved by legislators and and top clerical body, before becoming law.More Info … [Continue reading]

Assad: ISIS has flourished under American sponsorship

Syrian president says only alliance with Iran, Russia, Iraq can prevent destruction of entire region.More Info … [Continue reading]