2 wounded in Jerusalem Old City stabbing attack

Earlier, an Israeli woman was wounded when Palestinians threw stones toward her car near Jerusalem.More Info … [Continue reading]

WATCH: Hamas’s new Hebrew hit

New Hamas clip aims to invoke terror among Israelis by fanning the flames of the current 'intifada' to the tunes of an old Eyal Golan song.More Info … [Continue reading]

Shin Bet seeks lenient plea deals for Hamas operatives to avoid testifying about torture methods

Security agency's plea-bargain stance put on hold by military prosecutor, who fears for state security, army sources say.More Info … [Continue reading]

Israel receives its first serious dose of rain

15mm of rain washed central Israel overnight, accompanied by thunderstorms and power outages. Rains are expected to continue throughout the day and into tomorrow.More Info … [Continue reading]

Holocaust researchers come to jailed Austrian activist’s defense

Nazi-hunter Zuroff says imprisonment of Stephan Templ is 'typical of Austria.'More Info … [Continue reading]

Howard Stern rebukes Roger Waters over Israel boycott

Veteran radio host asks former Pink Floyd front man, who supports a cultural boycott of Israel, whether he wants the Jews to 'go back to the concentration camp.'More Info … [Continue reading]