Netanyahu calls for broad unity government amid terror wave

Head of opposition rejects offer, calling on Netanyahu to resign: Israelis need a prime minister, not a public relations machine.More Info … [Continue reading]

The ‘Third Intifada?’ Edition / The Promised Podcast

We discuss whether we’re headed toward a third intifada, racism in our children’s schools, and why women shopping at sperm banks prefer soldiers’ sperm.More Info … [Continue reading]

Right-wing protesters march in Jerusalem, chant ‘Death to Arabs’

Police prevent hundreds of demonstrators from entering Palestinian neighborhood; leader of far-right Lehava group arrested.More Info … [Continue reading]

Israeli Arab protesters clash with police in Nazareth

Police uses stun grenades to disperse rally; activists accuse police of tension to 'suppress legitimate protest.'More Info … [Continue reading]

Russia denies Syria-bound cruise missiles fell in Iran

U.S. says it cannot confirm reports Russian missiles failed to hit their targets in Syria, says incident highlights need to create 'de-confliction procedures.'More Info … [Continue reading]

MK attempts to enter Temple Mount, defying Netanyahu

Joint List's Jamal Zahalka scorns PM's ban on visits by MKs at the flashpoint site; MK Zoabi rejects 'fascist demand'.More Info … [Continue reading]