Israeli team first to advance in lunar spacecraft competition

SpaceIL signs a contract with aerospace manufacturer SpaceX to launch an unmanned craft into lunar orbit.More Info … [Continue reading]

Israeli singer’s North African punk with a touch of strawberry syrup

Riff Cohen's new album doesn't overdo the cuteness and hits hard with Mizrahi indie pop and her traditional childlike fare. More Info … [Continue reading]

Terror attack at Petah Tikvah mall

Third terror attack on same day wounds 25-year-old; assailant apprehended.More Info … [Continue reading]

Man stabbed in Petah Tikva mall, assailant in custody

Preliminary reports say the victim suffers moderate wounds.More Info … [Continue reading]

Matisyahu ‘proud’ he stood up for Israel against BDS movement

Jewish-American singer says he is 'glad' he got a chance to support Israel when facing boycott storm at Spanish festival this summer.More Info … [Continue reading]

Abbas to Haaretz: I’m not inciting violence, I want to restore calm

Palestinian president blames Israel's 'aggression against the Al-Aqsa Mosque' and says the status quo 'with continued construction in the settlements cannot go on.'More Info … [Continue reading]