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Haaretz: Head of Israel's NSC sent a top rabbi to pressure Bennett and Shaked, report says

WashingtonPost: El Salvador navy seizes record 6.3 metric tons of cocaine

WashingtonPost: Rapper 6ix9ine arrested on racketeering and firearms charges

WashingtonPost: International Space Station receives two deliveries in record 15 hours

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CBS: 27 hospitalized after falling ill with mysterious symptoms at Florida high school

BBC: 'Drunk' Canadian curlers kicked out of tournament final

BBC: Portsmouth power cut leaves thousands in darkness

ABC: Dolphin shot dead at California beach

ABC: WATCH: California farm workers remain on the job despite poor air quality

ABC: Tagovailoa, Murray finalists for 2 college football awards

ABC: Business Highlights

Daily Mail: ‘No more, no more’: Brazilian man cries for help after he tried mugging a female jiu-jitsu novice

Daily Mail: Stacey Abrams predicts she'll run for office again – but says first 'I need to take a nap'

Daily Mail: Trump unveils pictures of new barbed wire barriers at the Mexican border saying no climbers anymore

Daily Mail: Republicans hold House seat held by rare Trump GOP critic

Daily Mail: Troops rushed to the border by Trump before the election will start coming home in DAYS

Daily Mail: Teen F3 driver undergoes seven-hour operation after car flew through the air at 172mph

Daily Mail: Spurs outstay Wembley welcome as council feel pressure from locals

Daily Mail: England boss Gareth Southgate isn't satisfied... he is ready to promote more young guns

Daily Mail: It is not down to Daniel Sturridge to keep the betting market honest

Daily Mail: PFA's £25m-a-year handout at risk: Premier League yet to strike a deal

Daily Mail: I will not stop Sophia Florsch racing says father after horror crash