The White House has this week been battered by a number of potentially damaging stories.


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CTV News: Protesters block Canada Post depot

Ynet: MK to court: Make Netanyahu justify holding multiple ministerial posts

WashingtonPost: After years of crisis, there are small signs life in Venezuela could get better

Los Angeles Times: Step 1: Scout the setting; Step 2: Interview the locals; Step 3: Write 'Leave No Trace'

USA Today: Mueller probe: Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's former attorney, to be sentenced Wednesday

USA Today: Another government shutdown? Congress has until Dec. 21 to pass a spending bill to keep the lights on

FOX: Oprah International? Politician pushes name-change for Nashville airport

FOX: Next New York attorney general promises to 'use every area of the law' to probe Trump and family

FOX: Tourist at Roman Colosseum caught stealing brick during guided tour

FOX: Miami Dolphins' Ryan Tannehill reveals mystery Cayman Islands stash

Daily Mail: Video: I'm A Celebrity Australia drop the first camp mate clue for 2019

Daily Mail: Video: Dancing On Ice's Vanessa is 'worried' about Wes missing training

CNN: 'Jelly Man' jams 720 jars full for Salvation Army

CNN: Lung cancer as chronic disease

Daily Mail: Basketball fans sing French national anthem in Strasbourg after they were locked in during shooting

CBS: Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio sues CNN, Huffington Post, Rolling Stone

CBC: Little people advocates push to change 'midget' hockey name

BBC: Cerys Edwards: Man charged over 2006 Sutton Coldfield crash

BBC: Birmingham stabbings: Boy charged over attack near school

CNBC: UK PM May: Way to ensure no no-deal is to strike a deal

CNBC: Short-term credit markets look positive, says investment guru

CNBC: Qualcomm presents evidence Apple breached court order

ABC: The Latest: Group says Yemen war killed 60,000 since 2016

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