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CBC: World champion Kaetlyn Osmond says it's 'really nice' not to know what future holds

CBC: Greenland ice melting nearly 4 times faster since 2003 and probably irreversible, says scientist

ABC: Venezuela officials report arresting 27 members of the National Guard accused of uprising against the government.

NewYorkTimes: Biden Expresses Regret for Support of Crime Legislation in the 1990s

FOX: Kamala Harris, hitting 2020 trail, faces tough questions over prosecutor record

FOX: Kamala Harris, hitting 2020 trail, faces tough questions over prosecutor record

FOX: Illegal immigrant expected to face murder charges in Nevada killing spree

FOX: 'In Pursuit with John Walsh' star talks new show, working with family and catching bad guys for more than 25 years

FOX: UN survey finds more than one third of workers experiences sexual harassment in last two years

FOX: Domino’s customer who shot out store window over pizza order formally charged

FOX: Majority of guns used by criminals bought on black market, study shows

FOX: Impact of partial government shutdown on furloughed workers and the economy

FOX: Judy Miller: The shutdown stalemate is about politics, not substance

CNN: March For Life teen's confrontation with Native American reveals an ugly divide

CNN: Sen. Kamala Harris announces 2020 bid for president

CNN: Analysis: Definitive 2020 Democratic candidate power rankings

CNN: Bloomberg's stop-and-frisk policy could be an issue if he enters 2020 race

BBC: Recycling centre worker Simon Hogg killed in waste drum

ABC: Super blood wolf moon: Stunning photos of the rare celestial event around the globe

ABC: Top journalist Carlos Chamorro flees Nicaragua, cites raids

WashingtonPost: How MLMs are hurting female friendships

CNN: "We know white privilege. It's not made up."

CBS: House Democrats eager to wield new authority to scrutinize DeVos

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