How much of an advantage are the Boston Celtics' extra draft picks when it comes to making a possible deal for Anthony Davis? If the New Orleans Pelicans decide to trade Davis this summer, most of the interested parties will be limited to offering their own draft picks. The Celtics' options are different by design. Boston has stockpiled future picks for a situation like this, and it could have as many as four first-round picks in the 2019 NBA draft. How likely are the Celtics to get those picks, and how valuable are they? And what would that mean for a potential Davis trade? Let's take a look. How Boston can trade this year's first-rounders First, let's reconsider an important caveat for the Celtics with regard to Davis. The NBA's collective bargaining agreement prevents teams from acquiring more than one player currently signed to a designated rookie extension, which means Boston can't have both Davis and ...



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