While Congress is stuck in gridlock over the government shutdown, furloughed workers continue to face the grim reality of getting by without paychecks, a reality that is hitting disabled, furloughed workers particularly hard. Kings Floyd, a federal worker with muscular dystrophy, told ABC News’ “The Briefing Room” that the lack of a paycheck not only impacts her, but also the five women in the D.C. community who serve as her personal care attendants (PCAs). Floyd is already scrambling to make ends meet. She said that she's been forced to tell her PCAs that “I’m sorry I can’t pay you because the whole government has decided to shutdown.” “If you want people to lose their independence, Congress, if you want people to keep suffering from this stalemate...realize that you are having a slow and steady drastic effect on the community, and one little earthquake could completely shake it up,” Floyd said. Watch the video above for the full segment.



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