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WashingtonPost: ‘I hope there’s an age limit’: Jimmy Carter questions whether he could have handled the presidency at 80

WashingtonPost: Trump says deal on guns ‘much harder,’ blames Beto O’Rourke’s comments last week

WashingtonPost: Military spent $184,000 at Trump’s Scotland resort, according to documents released by House Democrats

WashingtonPost: Rep. Omar says Trump ‘put my life at risk’ after he retweeted a false claim that she ‘partied’ on 9/11 anniversary

WashingtonPost: Lindsey Graham’s appeasement of Trump appears to have reached its limit

WashingtonPost: In whiplash moment, Democrats are now backing away from Kavanaugh allegations

WashingtonPost: How a hard-charging lawyer helped fuel a civil war inside the NRA

WashingtonPost: Bernie Sanders has parted ways with Iowa political director

WashingtonPost: The story of Jimmy Carter’s peanut farm is a bit more complicated than you may have heard

WashingtonPost: DNC chairman sounds alarm on potential interference in 2020 election, saying Trump’s words hinder the government’s security role

WashingtonPost: Obama offers a thinly veiled critique of Trump’s penchant for social media and TV news

WashingtonPost: ‘Alexa, I want to make a political contribution.’ Amazon to start voice-controlled donations to 2020 presidential campaigns

WashingtonPost: Trump realigns national security team with a low-profile adviser

WashingtonPost: House Democrats eager to impeach Trump struggle to galvanize public support

WashingtonPost: ‘Our relations are with Israel’: Trump appears to give embattled Netanyahu the cold shoulder

WashingtonPost: Massachusetts Rep. Kennedy to challenge Sen. Markey in Democratic primary

WashingtonPost: Trump administration plan on gun background checks draws NRA opposition

WashingtonPost: Trump hires another top official with a history of pro-Trump hyperbole

WashingtonPost: Democrats’ impeachment debut leaves more questions than answers

WashingtonPost: Lindsey Graham’s appeasement of Trump appears to have reached its limit

WashingtonPost: Trump tours border barrier as part of a show of force on immigration ahead of reelection campaign

WashingtonPost: New national security chief forged relationship with Trump during tenure as hostage envoy

WashingtonPost: Pelosi says she would have held Lewandowski in contempt ‘right then and there’

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