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It was the costliest scandal in the history of British banking: the mis-selling of payment protection insurance, or PPI, to tens of millions of borrowers who didn’t want it, didn’t understand what they were buying or whose policies didn’t cover what they thought. Starting in 2006, financial regulators began issuing fines over problems with PPI, and a wave of refund requests crashed over U.K. lenders. The period for filing claims has now ended and banks are ready to turn the page. But shareholder

When plumbing works well, you don’t need to think about it. That’s usually the case with a vital but obscure part of the financial system known as the repo market, where vast amounts of cash and collateral are swapped every day. But when it springs a leak, as it did this week, it rivets the attention of the U.S. Federal Reserve, the nation’s largest banks, money-market funds, corporations and other big investors. The Fed calmed things down by pumping in billions of dollars, but it may have a lot

Brazil is known for its complex business environment, and its byzantine tax system is a big reason why. According to the World Bank’s Doing Business rankings, Brazil is the world’s seventh-worst place to have to pay taxes, roughly on par with the Republic of Congo and Bolivia. President Jair Bolsonaro’s government, continuing to tackle some of the most vexing issues facing Latin America’s largest economy, hopes to simplify taxes for both business and ordinary citizens, a goal that eluded prior h

An annual nuisance, stinging smoke from massive wildfires is blanketing parts of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore this year on a greater than usual scale. Most of the blazes result from illegal slash-and-burn methods used to clear farmland for cash crops such as palm oil, a technique that persists despite years of government efforts to stamp it out. The haze is not only unhealthy -- thousands of people have reported acute respiratory illnesses -- but it has a wide impact, disrupting air travel

A combination with Dish makes sense, but it may have to wait on the outcome of a phone industry merger.

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